Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Announcing the winners of my Luscious Landscapes Competition!!

I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful it has been to receive all of your amazing, beautiful, luscious landscape photos!!

My wanderlust went into serious overdrive browsing through the almost 500 entries and it was just about impossible to select two winners. 

So we narrowed it down to three instead!

I'm keeping all of the others in a special folder though, as I might just have to release a few more Luscious Landscapes online classes down the track!

Each of the three lucky winners will receive my newest Mini Mojo online workshop ( self paced and fully downloadable) for free and will get to see their beautiful landscape come to life as one of my tutorial video projects! Even better they will receive the finished original piece as part of their prize!
I will also be including 3 of my own landscape photos to use as inspiration for tutorial videos so students will receive six different videos in this class!

Keep your eyes peeled for a special earlybird offer of just $50 in the next couple of weeks.
Luscious Landscapes will launch in early August!!

so excited!!!!!

and the winners are.........
Big congrats to you all!!!

Marie-Laure Delage-Carlson 

 Tracy Faulkner

Silvia Merkel

ps I have no idea how I'm going to paint that beautiful rainbow but I'm always up for a challenge!!

I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in. ~John Muir 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Luscious Landscapes COMPETITION~!!!

Hello my beautiful fellow creative wanderlust explorers!🎨

I am currently in the works of planning a new mini mojo online workshop for you all called LUSCIOUS LANDSCAPES!!! 
I've had so much inspiration these past few years of travelling around this beautiful planet and I'm itching to get into my studio and translate this inspiration into some new videos for you to learn from and be inspired by!
I also want to announce a little collaboration with y'all and better still there are prizes to be won! Yep its a COMPETITION!!
In a nutshell I'm asking you all to send me your high res pics of the landscapes you have explored, passed by, immersed yourself in and been delighted by.

I will select TWO WINNING PICS that make me want to grab my art supplies and create and they will become two of the six tutorial videos in this online workshop! 
The competition is now open and closes on 4th July.

Please email all entries to info@tracyverdugo.com with the subject line: Luscious Landscapes Competition

Lot's of love! Tracy xoxo

"There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea and music in its roar, I love not Man the less, but Nature more." -Lord Byron


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Are you the lucky Winner??

Happy to Announce the winner of the Spectrum Giveaway is.................


Congratulations, you have won yourself 22 weeks of inspiring content and exclusive classes, beginning May 2nd 2016! 

{ We will be in contact with prize details soon } 

If you weren't lucky today, you can still sign up for this spectacular offering here !!

Did I mention SPECTRUM 2016 is... 

"a holistic-creative journey that will nurture, spark and expand the ways you explore your heart’s truth, honor your expressive nature and engage with your soul’s calling".

Take the leap, 
Kyla, Tracy's assistant xo

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

SPECTRUM. 2016. Early bird savings & Giveaway!!!

Hey beautiful friends and fellow creatives.

I just wanted to share with you, just in case you weren't already aware...

Spectrum is OPEN for Early bird Registration HERE, with a special price of $88 US, but only until tomorrow at noon (EST).
(Regular price- $98 US)

I will be included once again in Spectrum, along with the other 19 returning contributors and 20 NEW featured teachers !! 

2016 sees the offering of a variety of workshops, inspiration and invitations - all intended to empower, nurture and celebrate your innate creative expression, healing journey, and personal development!

Sounds juicy and Enticing right!? 

And I am giving away ONE lucky place!! To be in the draw to win- please leave a comment below. We will draw the winner Tuesday February 9th (AEST)!! 

You might also be interested in the Spectrum Scholarships offered !?

Please keep in mind, that the scholarship application will CLOSE tomorrow at noon EST*, as well, as there have already been way more applications than spots to offer. 
In the words of the incredibly Beautiful woman behind Spectrum, Hali Karla  "They
are heart-breaking, soul-touching and deeply inspiring... and reminds me
that we are doing important work together, creative work that brings hope,
clarity, joy and healing to others".

To learn more about the details, including all of the contributors and workshop offerings for this course CLICK RIGHT HERE


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Thirty day painting challenge! On letting go and the art of allowing...

Hello lovely friends and family!!
Today I'm excited to share my experience
 of a 
thirty day painting challenge
 with you all.......

It started towards the end of our trip when I began to notice my dear friend Judy Wise posting raw, energetic, quirky, exploratory paintings to FB with enigmatic captions, documenting a thirty day process of painting on the same canvas, over and over with the hashtag #judyschallenge and #paintoniteverydayforthortydays

The images were sooooo compelling and Judy talked about her growth as an artist through the process so I decided that once I was home and settled I would give it a whirl for myself!

If you'd like to read about Judy's experience jump on right on over here but don't forget to come back.
Something pretty amazing happened for me during this challenge! 

I learned to let go and truly allow in a deeper way than ever before.

a couple of FYI's

* I did not work on this challenge every single consecutive day but I did work on it for thirty days
* Judy Wise started the challenge and loves to see others jump on board using the hashtags above so we can all learn and grow with each others experiences
* There is no set procedure, time limit etc to move forward. Go with your gut and a "whatever happens happens approach"

Day 1 - i jump in full of gusto and happily try out some techniques I had been exploring while filming my latest Mini Mojo class Pattern. Color. Texture! (which you can find more about here)

WORDS AND FEELINGS: flow, free mark making, energetic

Day 2- feeling great and playing with transparent glazes of Daler Rowney F & W acrylic artists inks. I start to feel a little apprehensive at the fact that I already like it a LOT on day two!

WORDS AND FEELINGS; loose, spacious, curious, slightly apprehensive

Day 3- TAKE THAT! I will NOT be attached on DAY 2..be gone pretty painting, out with the old, well, most of it....except for THAT little lovely bit and THIS one over here.....

WORDS AND FEELINGS: cautiously lavish, duality, upside down

Day 4- strange happenings with the appearance of a funny little bird lady, a cat, a vessel and a cup. Trying too hard to contrive some kind of narrative, blaaaahhh!!

WORDS AND FEELINGS: story, contrived WTH!

Day 5-when in doubt add teal or turquoise or any mix of the two. Holding onto the imagery here because honestly I don't have a clue what else to do! Add in a ladder but don't know why!

WORDS AND FEELINGS: aimless, fall back, confused

Day 6- Put a vibrant magenta and red glaze over the whole thing( well almost ;p). Throw in some fluoro pink for good measure!

WORDS AND FEELINGS: moody, bold, let go
Day 7- no clue what to do and have very little time so I pick up the closest paints and do this. Oh brother is right!

WORDS AND FEELINGS: crap, hate it, rushed, disconnected, WTH!

Distract myself with kitties and filming for a few days and try not to think about it!

Day 8- for some reason its really hard to wipe out the funny bird lady completely so I tip toe around her...

WORDS AND FEELINGS: attached but don't know why, indecisive, flailing

Day 9- turn it around. Add some green because I don't usually add green. Put some random stamps on. Hate on it. Don't want to show it on social media but show it anyway. I am, as Judy said, putting my uglies out for all to see....

WORDS AND FEELINGS: more flailing, failing, ugly, stuck

Day 10- make a drastic move, throw some random colors on and still hate it. Even more than before! Notice how sad that little face is still peeking through.


Day 11- Fall back on an old move to try to break my mood and move forward. At least its a start.

WORDS AND FEELINGS: hopeful, new start, let go

 Day 12- feel some freedom begin to return in my choices and begin to notice bits I do like again.

WORDS AND FEELINGS: fresh, relief, bold

Day 13- feel in the flow today and paint freely. LOVE it again! Uh oh.....

WORDS AND FEELINGS- new, proud, excited

Avoid making any new moves and get distracted by Christmas tree and cats for a few days

Day 14- for several weeks I'd been working on renditions of a beautiful horse whose photo I took in the New Forest, England. I decide to flip the canvas again and bring the horse into the landscape.

WORDS AND FEELINGS: pushing further, fearless, happy

Day 15- I LOVE this horse! I really do! Oh crap! I'm only half way through the challenge. Lovely supportive friends tell me to just add tiny dots for the next fifteen days. I know that's not the answer for my highest growth.

WORDS AND FEELINGS: strong and unsure all at the same time

Day 16- I add some collaged napkins and call it a day

WORDS AND FEELINGS: contemplative, hesitant

Day 17- hey look! There's a tree... and two giant birds...and a beautiful horse!

WORDS AND FEELINGS: just not ready to let go

Distract myself with Christmas.... and family.... and kittens.

 Day 18- breathe, let go, breathe, let go. See it wasn't so hard!

WORDS AND FEELINGS: let go, breathe, let go, breathe :)

Day 19- What kind of lush landscape is this? Playing with new color combos and loving it again.

WORDS AND FEELINGS: exploratory, curious, in the zone.

Day 20- back in "not sure" land. Make some moves I don't love.

WORDS AND FEELINGS: turquoise doesn't FIX everything, flailing again

Day 21-I spy the faintest suggestion of an eye and eyebrow top left where I had whited out a whole section. Theres a woman waiting to emerge but she's asleep for now...

WORDS AND FEELINGS: mystery, awe, excitement, anticipation

Day 22- stress about the fact that there are still 8 days to go and I really, really LOVE this sleeping beauty spooning the land. add some more random stamps and fiddle a bit aimlessly

WORDS AND FEELINGS: attached, disjointed, contrived

Day 23- Oh geez, what was I thinking! 


Distract myself for several days with visiting family.... and baby WOMBATS!

Day 24- turn it upside down and let her go.

WORDS AND FEELINGS: let go, breath, allow

Day 25- I see the faintest impression of a face and body and go for it. She returns! Awake this time! Bottom right I see a vague human form, a woman inside the earth, cocooned. I try to bring her out...

WORDS AND FEELINGS: connected, curious, open

Day 26- she might be here to stay, this beauty.  After all there are only 4 days left right? I can totally work around her. Wait. thats me getting attached. What was the whole point of this process again? I decide I don't like the idea of that woman curled up under the ground and I let her go.

WORDS AND FEELINGS: claustrophobic, curious, attached

Day 27- bring in some white! Yes. Thats a bold move right? and I get to keep the woman. Start to get pretty and fiddly with more flowers in her hair and listen to a small voice inside say, " you're playing safe. let go."

WORDS AND FEELINGS: hold tight, let go, listen

Day 28- I remember a time when my dear friend and wondrous artist Orly Avineri prompted us to slash a bold brushstroke of color over the favorite part of our journal spread during a workshop....
and I did it, 
and I survived. 
SO I take a deep breath and I do it again!

WORDS AND FEELINGS: surrender, allow, open, expansive, brave

Day 29- I spend a day walking in and out of my studio with a piece of chalk in my hand.Turning the image this way and that. Looking through squinted eyes, relaxing my vision, burning incense, taking deep breaths and asking for guidance. Top right I see a bottom, a derriere that is. 
I sketch in a figure and it looks like me. 
My eye goes to the orange shape to the left and I am astounded! I see the horse! He's back! 
I'm so excited that I'm forgetting to breath. I'm reminded of Elizabeth Gilberts TED talk on creative genius and I know that RIGHT NOW I am connected to something way bigger than myself. 
This is amazing!!

WORDS AND FEELINGS: connected, open, wonderment, narrative, therapy

 Day 30! " A Horse Named Surrender" 
Grateful times infinity for this journey, for this peaceful woman sitting naked on a ledge, for this majestic horse standing close by, protective and accepting, for the sleeping beauty now become the land, unseeing, unseen but giving support and foundation to those above. 

Grateful for the magic and the wonder and the unfolding story. Grateful for you too xox

As always I'd love to hear from you in the comments below. I so enjoy reading your sweet words xoxox

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Woohoo!!! The giveaway winners are ..............

Thank you so much everyone for all of your wonderful comments and support over these past few weeks and indeed throughout 2015!

I am super excited to announce the winners for each day of my nine day giveaway!. We will be in touch with you all over the next few days to arrange delivery of your prizes!


 Day one winners of one my Mini Mojo online workshops; either Animalitos  or Pattern, Color, Texture are ...

Sally Schultz and Karen Clewell!! 

Day two winner of the original artwork featured in Cloth Paper Scissors column is  

Karen Reed !! 

Day three winners of the elephant necklaces are 

IIdy Karsay & M Adaya LeMae !!

Day four winner of the little ellie painting is 

 Gunilla Adolfsson!!

Day 5 winner of my Mini Mojo online course -Pattern. Color. Texture is 

Jackie P Neal!!

Day 6 winner of Mini mojo online workshop Animalitos is 

Sojna Widmer !! 

Day 7 winner of this original dreamcatcher painting is 

Betty Wisse !!

Day 8 winner of my original painting "Wise Whispers"  is 

B J Kennedy !!

Day 9 winner of an autographed copy of my book Paint Mojo is 

Glenda Hoagland !!

Once again congratulations to all of the winners. We will be in touch or you can email Kyla at info@tracyverdugo.com to collect your prize!!  

lots of love Tracy xoxox